Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday in Central Park, Antigua

Yesterday, I went on a photo tour of Antigua with a local professional photographer and a few friends.  He taught us some tips on photography but also a lot of history of Antigua.  We spent a bit of time in Central Park - the heart of Antigua.

The fountain is the center focal-point of the park
I walk through the park all the time, but rarely have my camera with me.  It was fun to capture the happenings on this Saturday morning.  The park is kind of like the town's living room - everyone meets there and hangs out in their free time.  In fact, when you ask most of our English clients what they did over the weekend, it's certain spending time in the park will be part of their weekend.

And there are mermaids everywhere in this town.  The architecture here was inspired
by Seville, Spain, a port town, so you can find mermaids in interesting locations around town.
The fountain with the Cathedral in the background

As I said, many people just relax and spend time together as a family or with friends in the park.  Here are a few shots I was able to capture of people spending time together.

Historical fun fact - the avocado originates from Antigua!  Here's a plaque commemorating that. Also, a nickname for Antiguenos is  Panza Verde - green stomach because of this!
One of my favorite shots of the day
Rudy - our photographer tour guide
I ran into my friend Molly with her dog Clementina.  This little girl was quite intrigued with Clementina's ear!


A family walking through the park hand-in-hand-in-hand...

There was some type of art class or art time in the park while we were there also.  It was fun capturing a few shots of the kids having fun coloring and playing in the park.  This just added to the "town living room feel" of the park.  All the children were having such fun!

An interesting site - a young boy shining a young girl's shoes.

And since this was a photo tour, I got several great pictures from my friend James that I had to include.  It was fun being with a group of photography enthusiasts and to see the different things that each of us picked up on and photographed.
Photo by James Cason
Photo by James Cason
Photo by James Cason
Photo by James Cason

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