Sunday, November 30, 2014

Finding joy and comfort in my surroundings: Volcanoes

After living here for a year and a half, I still have feelings of awe when I see one of the three different volcanoes around Antigua.  Especially seeing the active volcano, Fuego, poof smoke.  If you're lucky on a clear night, you can see Fuego spew lava.  It's a pretty amazing sight and nearly impossible to capture on film.

Borrowed photo by local photographer Santi
This is what a regular camera can do and captures what it's like to see the eruption with the naked eye
I've always loved mountains and nature, and to be physically surrounded by such beauty is part of what brings me joy each and every day I'm here.  Especially now that we're in dry season, the skies are clear and the views are incredible.  I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to live in this amazing place!
Volcan Agua - due south in town and a great way to tell direction
Volcan Fuego (left) poofing some smoke.  Fuego has been very active lately!
Volcan Acatenango (right) - inactive volcano
Fuego is "fuegoing"  Gotta love a little Spanglish!
Volcan Agua with some chicken buses near the market
Volcan Agua
Volcan Agua - not a bad view for these fruit and vegetable sellers!
Volcan Agua from Central Park
Fuego (left) and Acatenango (right)Errupt
Another poof of smoke from Fuego
Volcan Agua is also a great backdrop for pictures with friends