Thursday, May 26, 2011

Viennese Food, Opera, and Karlskirche, oh my!

Karlskirche - Baroque church in Vienna

Karlsplatz metro entrance (near Karlskirche)


Pillar of Confidence

War memorial

There were people dressed up in period clothing selling tickets to concerts.  I particularly enjoyed this woman's addition of
contemporary style with her sunglasses.

Nothing like a good hefeweizen

Famous Wiener Schnitzel

Vienna Opera House

Vienna Opera House

Vienna Opera House

Vienna Opera House

Vienna Opera House - there was a performance going on, but we were able to walk through the lobby.

Vienna Opera House

Vienna Opera House

Vienna Opera House - they broadcast the performance outside.  Some people bought tickets and had seats for the performance
while many others just wandered by and stood and watched for a while.  It was wonderful!

The crowd

Hotel Sacher - home of the original Sacher Torte

Irony - the view out of the Sacher Cafe to Starbucks

Sacher Torte - chocolate cake with marzipan and apricot jam served with real whipped cream.
Also, a Viennese coffee - black coffee topped with real whipped cream.  So decadent!

In the metro station below the Opera House - hilarious!  They even played Opera music for you!

Random Viennese garden

I love European signs!  Don't lounge awkwardly in this park (far left image)

Bacon wrapped sausages - heart attack on a plate...but sooooo good!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Habsbergs: Over the Top? Never...

The Habsburg's ruled the region Vienna is in for over 300 years and in that time, they certainly left their mark on Vienna.  Their grand style of design and architecture is over the top and overwhelming at first.  After a while, it became really common and not surprising.  It was funny to see how after just 3 days there, the grand scale of everything seemed normal!

Statue in Museumplatz

All the buildings have similar, yet unique, ornate decoration

The gate to Schoenberg Palace which is now home to the National Library

I love the signs every building had with the Austrian flag

Schoenberg Palacee gate

Schoenberg Palace

Schoenberg Palace

Sunset with Rathaus (city hall) in background


Parliament Building - very understated!  ;)

Reflection in a Parliament Building Window

Habsberg Theater

Einstein Cafe (near Rathaus) where we stopped for a snack.  I