Monday, April 29, 2013

Copan, Honduras

In March (still getting caught up on pictures), I ventured over to Copan, Honduras to visit my good friend Amy who is teaching and living at a bi-lingual school there.  Amy and I worked together in the Czech Republic and traveled together a lot there.  So, it was a special trip to see her again after saying goodbye in Dublin last June.  Life is truly crazy sometimes.  I feel so grateful for all the wonderful friends I have met on my adventures these past few years, and as I continue to travel/live abroad, I'm enjoying reconnecting with friends from all different parts of my life.  It is true - the world really is small!

This visit with Amy was not only wonderful because she's a great person, but it was truly wonderful to see the amazing work she and the other dedicated teachers at Mayatan Bilingual School do each day.  This small community is greatly enriched by the wonderful things they do with these kids.  So, on my days off from work, I went with her to help teach her first grade class.  It was such a refreshing time for me.  While I love the work I do, I do miss working with kids, so it was a treat to spend some time with these smart kids!

Starting the day off with the morning routine

Some stretching was in order!

Carletti was the helper of the day and therefor told us about the weather that day.  It was an odd day where it really was cool and cloudy!  

Captivated 1st graders

Project time - making woven paper placemats for Father's day (they celebrate in February apparently)

Working and listening to Rafi - a good day in 1st grade!

Everyone was excited to show their final product to Miss Amy

Rehearsing for their Father's Day performance that night - check out the video below for epic wonderfulness!

Miss Amy and class 1A 
Now working with the other first grade class - big group so they have two sections

Singing "Days of the Week" to the tune of the Adam's family - and yes, that song is still stuck in my head!

Working hard on their projects

Helping each other out

Father's Day celebration stage - check out those AMAZING decorations!

We were told that morning we needed more ties for decorations, so here are the final results - looked great!

Pre-Kindergarten did Gangam Style - a bit weird...but cute in those ties!

First grade's epic performance!

In addition to time at school, we also got to see the Mayan Ruins just outside of Copan.  I'm still in awe (much like at Machu Picchu) that people are allowed to just crawl around on the ruins!

Just around town - corn drying

The streets of Copan - what you can't really see here is that everything is up or down hill - a good workout for sure!

The macaw preserve at the Ruins

Beautiful birds

Like going for a walk in the woods...

But finding amazing Mayan ruins (and the strict security system to protect the ruins)

They couldn't uncover all the ruins, as the tree roots are helping keep the buildings in place - so they depend on each other not to fall over...makes it extra beautiful in my opinion.

And then you find skull carvings...

Where one of the kings was burried

The hills around Copan

Very steep stairs!

The main area - with the hieroglyphic staircase to the right (under the big tarp)

The hieroglyphic staircase

Staircase carvings


Where a game was played to solve disputes between tribes - what a great way to solve problems rather than a war!

Of course, there were sacrifices here - using this rock.  You can see the indented area on the top - for blood to collect and fall down the grooves in the rock