Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As my weeks in Prague become fewer and fewer, I've been visiting my favorite spots again.  Vyšehrad is one of my favorite spots in Prague, because its just beautiful.  It is a walled off complex where the first castle in Prague was located.  What remains today is church, cemetery and several other buildings.  Mostly, it is a gorgeous park that I love wandering through or just relaxing in and enjoying the gorgeous views of this amazing city.
My dream house on the walk from the Metro stop to the park (if you look close to the far right you can see the Prague Castle)

South of Prague - the less common view, but I still love it

Church towers

The view that just doesn't get old...


Vinohrady - my neighborhood

Love seeing the beautiful buildings in the foreground and then large block style flats in the background

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Český ráj - Bohemian Paradise

A weekend of hiking and being outside was in order a few weeks ago, so a few friends and I made our way to a huge park called Český ráj which means Bohemian Paradise.

The castle in Mlada Boleslav (town my friend Amy lives in)

Amy organizing our abundance of snacks

Our cozy cabin

Beautiful views near our campground

Collecting wood for a campfire

Frolicking in the fields

We happened upon a Trebant festival.  Trebants are cars made in the former East Germany that were popular during communism.  In 2007, Time listed this car in the top 50 worst cars ever made.  We understood why when they drove by us leaving us in a haze of exhaust.

My first experience with a Trebant was in Krakow, Poland where we took a half-day tour in one of them and learned to drive one (not easy).  These cars were in much better shape than the one we had in Poland.

Great friends (left to right): Becca, Simone, Casey, Marissa, and Amy

Campfire chefs

Fire master

Alright, the wood was wet, so we had a little help

Nothing like a campfire and good friends to soothe the soul

Town of  Jičín near the park

Sunday afternoon and no one was was slightly eerie, but still fun to wander.

Love the bright colors of the buildings