Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where did the last 10 months go?

This is our last week of teaching, and its been more difficult to say goodbye to my kids than I thought it would.  I know that I will see most of them in the fall (and some I'm not too sad to say goodbye to), however it marks the end of this year which has just flown by!  I'm still having a wonderful time here and grateful for this experience and this opportunity.  I'm excited for the summer and at least one more year in Prague.  My sister arrives tomorrow for 2 weeks of traveling in Italy and the Czech Republic, then I have one more week off and then I work summer camps for 4 weeks in Prague and other locations in the CR.  After that, more travel with friends and family and the school year resumes mid-September.  I'm sure the summer will fly by as quickly as the last 10 months have!

Today is especially bittersweet, as the transport workers union has waged a 24-hour strike and has basically shut down the city's transportation.  Therefore, I was not able to go to my classes today.  Thursday's are my marathon days with 9 classes, so I wasn't too sad to not go through that again, but I was sad not to be able to say goodbye to my kiddos.

I did get a chance to take some fun pictures of my last classes so far this week.  Tomorrow, just 3 kindergarten classes and then my sister will be here and the summer officially begins!

Second Graders Anna and Lucie.  When we did a colouring activity of what our favourite activities were,
these two girls drew and then said "I like to learn English with Suzanne."

First Graders: Misa, Ondrej, Vicky, Tereza, Johana, Milos, Radek, and Kaya

Acting like birds (Kindergarteners)

Betinka: Yes I do! 


the other Ondra



Acting like rabbits

Red light green light acting like elephants

Honzik: STOP!


Acting like turtles

Close your eyes!

What's missing?

Kuba: normally a trouble maker like none other, but on our last class, he chose to quietly sit at the table the entire lesson.

Counting to 8 on the hopscotch mat


Story time!

And we're finished...congratulations!

First graders: Jirka, Alzbeta, Anezka, Anna