Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

Salzburg is an enchanting town!  I was amazed as I caught my first glimpse of the city that it looked EXACTLY as I imagined it would based on seeing The Sound of Music about 250 times (and no, that's not an exaggeration).  The Sound of Music is truly one of my favorite things in life.  It always cheers me up no matter what mood I'm in.  So, to wander about the city so prominently featured in the film was a true treat for me.
Salzburg Dom

Salzburg Dom

Salzburg Dom

Salzburg Dom - such ornate carvings!

Salzburg Dom

Salzburg Dom - more carvings.  Never seen anything like this in a church before, and I've seen a lot of churches!
It was absolutely stunning.

Salzburg Dom

Salzburg Dom - in the crypt below the church they had an interesting art display and this was part of it.


Enchanting at all hours of the day

I love random shots of people.  Such a cute couple.

When I turned the corner and saw this, I literally stopped, said "wow" and had to catch my breath.  Instantly the song
"I Have Confidence" sung by Maria on her way to the Von Trapp home entered my head.  This is the fountain
She stops at to flick water into the air on her way.

The square with the fountain

The archway from the square to the Salzburger Dom - also a spot Maria walks through
during "Confidence."
As I walked through the city, I had the soundtrack playing through my head.  Walking through the Mirabell Gardens I couldn't stop thinking of Do-Re-Mi and it was fun to watch other Sound of Music enthusiasts acting out parts of the movie.
Mirabell Gardens - Pegasus fountain Maria and the children dance around during Do-Re-Mi

The steps they hop up at the end of Do-Re-Mi with an adoring fan acting out Maria's part at the end of that song.

Pegasus Fountain

Beautiful flowers
From the other side

"Fa, a long, long way to run!"

Mirabell Gardens

Mirabell Gardens
Used in Do-Re-Mi for "Sol, a needle pulling thread"
I even did a 4-hour Sound of Music tour which helps show you some of the sights you wouldn't normally get to see just wandering around town, since they shot the film throughout the mountains and villages near Salzburg.
Why not?

The footbridge Maria and the children walk over in Do-Re-Mi

The "house" used for the back side of the Von Trapp house (another was used for the front and actual exterior of the building)

Where Maria and the children fall out of the boat in front of the angry Captain and Baronness

The view they used in the movie from the Von Trapp's back terrace

The Villa used for the front of the Von Trap home.  They do not allow buses to stop on this road or get close to the villa now,
so these are taken quickly from the bus.

The alleyway in front of the villa d whereMaria sings her way to the house in "Confidence"

Imagine the kids playing in their curtain clothes in these trees...because this is exactly where they were!

"When you're 16 going on 17...."

The Nunnberg Abbey where the real Maria was a novice and where some exterior shots of the abbey were done in the movie.

Beautiful drive through the Alps where many of the exterior scenes were filmed

Small village in the Alps

Mondsee Cathedral where they filmed the wedding scene (mostly)  This is in the town of Mondsee (about 30 minutes from Salzburg)

Mondsee Cathedral

Mondsee Cathedral

Mondsee Cathedral

Mondsee Cathedral - I could just imagine Maria and Captain Von Trapp standing here on their wedding day...

Per our tour guide's recommendation, I stopped here for some apple strudel.

Warm apple strudel served with warm vanilla-run sauce.  HEAVEN!  Seriously the best apple strudel
I've ever eaten (no offense Mom and aunts).  


And if you want just a little more of the Sound of Music experience, check out this video of my Sound of Music tour through the Alps while listening to the soundtrack.  The video quality isn't amazing, but it gives you an idea of the beautiful area.  And really, it's about the music, right?

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