Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Photo Tour around Antigua

Over the weekend, I went on a photo tour of Antigua with a local photographer.  We stopped at many sites I see on a daily basis and learned some new historical facts about each place.  Often I was too busy taking pictures to hear the history, but I did pick up a few things.  There's much more to photograph in Antigua, but here's a start!

We started at a beautiful cultural center just one block from my house.  I do go here often to sit in the courtyards or have a coffee, but I rarely take my camera, so it was fun to capture a few shots.  This former house is now a cultural center, museum, and library offering free cultural activities to all.
Part of the ruins of the building - written above the wall are prices for items when there used to be a market here.
Beautiful door frame in the ruins

Inside there is a library, so many people were around reading and working

I do love taking pictures of people just doing their thing

This is the courtyard with the cafe I often come to to read or study Spanish.
I will always love taking pictures of doors and windows.

Our next stop was the building where the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala was founded.  It is now also a museum, but they let us in for a quick look around.  I can't wait to go back!
I'm sure this picture is for the exhibits inside, but it made me laugh as we were on a photo tour!
Beautiful courtyard - and this courtyard is also found on the 100 Quetzal bill - see below 

Cool old ceiling

The corridor

And a few pictures of people around town...

Classic Chicken Bus photo

San Francisco Church with Volcano Agua behind

For some reason James sat in the street for a few minutes...

One of my favorite pictures of the day.  I love the random scenes you can happen upon here daily.

Typical street in Antigua with a tuk-tuk

Another typical scene here

Close-up on a window pane

Very close up window pane

Another joy of Antigua is the food - this was grilling outside a small store

A great restaurant with decor of a Chicken Bus

Interesting art work in the restaurant
They use bus seat for the chairs

Love this idea!

Great bar serving Ilegal Mezcal

Close-up of an old door - love all the key holes

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