Monday, March 10, 2014

Family Fun in California

After visiting Hawaii in January, I went to San Jose, California for 10 days to hang with the family.  Lots of great food was eaten (are you sensing a theme in my vacations yet) and good times were had!
While the kids were in school one day - we went to the beach!
Owen teaching us how to play Mouse Trap

Erica showing off her Guatemalan gifts

With Mom

With Erica - she turned 9 while I was there - inconceivable!

With Owen - being a ham as always

With Dad

Owen asked Santa for a rubber chicken and got it!

Playing chess with 6 people - only Owen knew how to play this version so it was interesting but fun

A rare quiet moment for O
Selfies were the theme of much of our time together...

The bored look




Just crazy

Erica, Owen, and I went to paint pottery for an outing one day.  They each painted their own item and then together we painted a coffee mug for me which I use everyday at work!

Finished items - my mug is on the table
One day while the kiddos were in school, the adults went to the beach to soak up some sun and beautiful scenery.

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