Sunday, April 1, 2012


One of my favorite ways to travel is to visit people who live in different places.  I had the privilege to visit friends living in Porto, Portugal who I met through a mutual friend in Davis, CA.  I cannot wait to go back again and see more of this absolutely enchanting and welcoming country!

Notes on a restaurant window in the market

Fish market

Buying amazing cheese

A beautiful church in Porto.  

Probably my favorite part of Porto (aside from my friends) was the beautiful tiles on all the buildings.  

Beautiful city of Porto

In front of the large church in Porto, this tower is where people were hanged for wrong doings.

Looking across the river to Gaia - where all the Port wine cellars are located

Port wine boats

One of my favorite pictures - and according to my Portuguese friends - a very Portuguese scene.

The lovely Catarina - my amazing hostess and tourguide

Train station

Yes - that's a McDonald's.  We didn't eat here, but we had to see it.  This was once a beautiful traditional cafe.  They left all the decoration, just made it a McDonald's. 

Sunset where the river meets the ocean

Checking out a nearby park with this traditional Portuguese farm

Good friends Catraina and Joachim enjoying a wonderful coffee in the sunshine!  By the way - these pictures were taken in mid-February.

We had an incredible lunch with some friends enjoying fresh fish and other Portuguese traditional items

Our server preparing the fish for us

The castle in Guimares (nearby Porto) where the country of Portugal began.

Downtown Porto

Looking across the river to Gaia

Sat outside here to write postcards and soak in some sun

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