Monday, April 30, 2012

Caves, Castles, and Caravans

I had the opportunity to visit the Koneprusy Caves last weekend with friends.  One of my friends lives just outside Prague in a village with a family, who wanted to take us all on an adventure.  So, 11 people in a three car caravan set off for an afternoon of exploring.

I'm not a big cave fan, but these caves were pretty cool.  They are about 30 minutes outside of Prague and in an area you would NEVER expect to find caves.  They were found in the 1950s when people were doing mining work.  The caves are over 2 kilometers long and go 70 meters below the surface.
The area where the caves are located

If water drops on your head, legend says you'll grow horns.  

We also visited Krivoklat Castle, one of several castles just outside of Prague.

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