Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mullets and Elmer Fudd hats

Ever since arriving in Prague now almost 5 months ago (holy crap!), I have been amazed and excited by the massive range of mullets in this country. It is absolutely amazing, astonishing, and entertaining. They come in all shapes and sizes - young, old, male, female. You name it, I've seen it. Just another fun quirk that makes me love the Czech Republic.

Winter has brought more head adornment as there are many styles of hats around here. Some of my favorites include the ones that look like hair but aren't. They come in a variety of colours (wow, I really am turning British as typing colours that way was totally normal!) from hot pink to white! I have done many a double-take wondering if a hat was actually someone's hair! My favorite head topping comes in the form of faux (or maybe real) fur hats circa Elmer Fudd. They are amazing and mostly worn by old men (as you'd probably imagine). Anyway, they are heavenly and I kinda want to get one.


  1. GET ONE!!
    and when you tire of it down the road, you can give it to Unkie ;-)

    Gotta see some mullet and E Fudd hat pictures... might be able to do it with a zoom??

    I always spell gray... grey... because I just prefer the looks of it... so maybe colour seems more... well something or other to you

    Thanks again for your thoughts
    Love ya

  2. I'll work on it...though I haven't seen them in any stores! I'll have to work harder. ;)

    I'll try to get pictures...I seem to always forget that I have a camera on my phone.

  3. MULLETS! Awesome. Just awesome. That is really all that needs to be said!