Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have you got a fizzy drink?

So, the company I work for is British and thus we teach British English. It's not all that different really, but the big differences I've come across and keep tripping over are entertaining. I've found myself saying them in normal life - which is even more entertaining! I've mostly started writing colours and favourite with the requisite extra "u". I'm turning British! Which isn't a bad thing....just funny.

So, what are the differences I'm noticing? Well, one of my favourites (lol) is fizzy drink instead of soda. It just sounds funny. But, it's entertaining to have the kids say it. They like saying fizzy. Next, pronunciation of tomato (think of the song...you say tomato, i say tomato). I get corrected often by my kids on that one!

Lately, I've been teaching the phrases "have you got any....?" and "I've/he/she have/has got...." In the middle of lessons, I find myself saying "do you have any ...?" and notice the kids look at me like I've gone mad. Then I realize they don't understand my "American" way. I'm starting to get the hang of it!

In teaching school subjects, I found the British call Math - Maths. Now, this is hard for Czechs to say because they don't have a "th" sound so it's always hard. But I must admit, Maths is really hard to say as a native speaker too! I asked my British friend and he said they say "Maffs" to get around the challenges of Maths. I'm not envisioning making that a habit!

Lastly, teaching time is fun. All this half past and 10 to business is fun. It's not all that different, but I would never say in real life that it was ten past three. It's 3:10! At least I'm not teaching military time, that would just get even more confusing, even though that's what the Czech's use.

Never a dull day around here...

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