Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Does it ever get old?

One of my close friends sent me a card the other day and in it, she said she loved looking at all my pictures. Then she asked, "Does it ever get old?" I really like that question! And before I moved here, I had hoped I wouldn't take anything for granted or "let things get old." I feel good that it hasn't gotten to that point yet. There's still so much I want to see and do!

I was honestly just thinking about that the other day as I crossed the Vlatava River on one of the many trams I take in a day and caught a glimpse of the Prague Castle. It is still really cool to see! My first weeks and months here, I would always strategize to get on the side of the tram with the view. I admit, I don't always do that now, but I do try to look around as much as possible. On the tram the other day, I happened to look out and there it was. At first, it seemed so normal to me. Then I stepped back in my head and thought - damn, I really do live here! So, it is getting a bit more normal, but it certainly does not get old!

On that topic, today I was in one of my schools which happens to be near the Prague Castle. I looked out the window as I packed up my stuff to leave and looked out the window. There was the castle in plain view. I honestly hadn't even noticed you could see it from this particular classroom. Perhaps I stood differently today than other days. Who knows - but it absolutely made me smile. I get to teach English and work with (generally) awesome kids and look at the Prague Castle. What a cool life! It certainly isn't getting old...and I love it!


  1. Every time I enter the city, my favorite part is right after the bus exits the big tunnel. I get so excited! And (maybe it makes sense because I don't live in Prague) but it's still so exciting even though I been there so many times! I know the feeling... wow, I am actually here, in the Czech Republic. I enjoyed your blog! Thank you!

  2. Castles just make me want to sit around and daydream. :) I feel the same about seeing the mountains when I drive to work, never ever gets old. I enjoy your blog as well!