Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sagrada Familia

My time in Barcelona was mostly spent wandering the city, trying interesting tapas and just enjoying the architecture.  Barcelona is like Disney World for anyone who loves urban design or architecture, and since I love both, it was just wonderful!  My favorite parts of Barcelona were visiting several of Antonin Gaudi's works.

This model shows what it will look like when it's completed.  The darker shaded parts are what are currently finished.
Construction on Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) began in 1883 and is still underway today.  They are hoping to have it done in 2026 which will be the 100 year anniversary of his death.  It is nearly impossible to describe and since I love taking pictures and letting my pictures speak for my experiences, I will continue this trend, as there is simply no other way to truly explain this incredible place.  The massive scale of the building is hard to convey, but when it's finished it will be able to seat 8,000 people!  I'm not one for churches - honestly I feel like if you see a few, they are all fairly similar.  But I've NEVER seen anything like this unique and creative work of art.
One of the two facades that are completed

The other completed facade depicting the passion of Christ

Yes, that is fruit up there

Fascinating to see this under construction - what looked completed from the front is clearly not finished

It is truly massive in scale which is impossible to capture in photos

Some of the many sculptures on the passion facade

Just love how the columns come out at an angle

The current front door

Gaudi was very inspired by nature and thus created many ways of getting natural light in the building which results in more stained glass than I'd ever seen in one building.  It also allowed for some amazing reflections.

Window reflections on the massive columns designed to look like trees

The ceiling - reminded me of camping under redwoods in northern California

Window reflection on the floor

Just love how the walls are not just flat but have a texture and whimsy


Art inspiring more art - in the park opposite the cathedral

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