Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Casa Batllo

Casa Battlo - and yes, that's meant to look like a dragon on the top

I enjoyed Gaudi's work so much, it is taking 3 posts to share all my pictures.  The last stop on my Barcelona Gaudi tour was Casa Batllo.  This house for a local wealthy family was renovated by Gaudi.  In this work, he decided there should be no straight lines.  It felt like being in a carnival fun house in a way as it was so surreal.

In the study - a personal fireplace area

The living room

Not a bad window on the world

A cool column - and still no straight lines

Even the walls are rounded

Outdoor patio on the main floor with gorgeous tiles

That's right - even the floor is curved

The tiles in the light/airshaft.  The tiles are different shades of blue going from light to dark to enhance the natural light and make the light even throughout the building so it wasn't brighter up at the top.

Glass in the stairwell going up - also not straight.  Designed to look like you're underwater.

The attic - this area was designed to wash and dry clothes.  Natural light and fresh air at all times - yet also protected from any inclement weather.

Lights in the attic ceiling - they look like smiles to me.

The rooftop terrace - up close with the dragon

The water storage room - now a cool fountain

One last underwater moment before leaving.  I had to tear myself away from this building - I was ready to move in!


  1. This house is incredibly gorgeous! And just plain incredible. Wow! I've always loved the beauty and fullness of curves . . . love all the pictures!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! So glad you're enjoying all the pictures!