Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time to move...already!

Well, I found out I have to move. I'm pretty bummed, because I really like this area! I'm hopeful I can find something else great in this area soon! Why am I moving so quickly, you might ask? Well, part of the registration process once you have a visa (Got approved Tuesday - yay!), is to verify your residence. This is done by having your landlord sign a form and the owner of the building stamp it. Well, here's the problem. Olga (who rented the room to me) is the leasee of the apartment. She cannot have the owner sign the paper, as it will raise her rent, and thus raise the rent for all of us. She cannot do this and said several times, she will not do it even for her boyfriend (who also lives here). So, I must move to a place that can verify my residency. I have a little time (a week) to look, and I can stay here for a month if needed. I do want to get this done as soon as I can, so I can get settled before training begins on Monday. School starts the following week, so it's going to be really busy, really quickly! I have a few good leads, so we'll see how it goes.

In addition to the fun of moving story - here are a few other random moments of the week that have made me chuckle...

Well, a few funny stories have come to mind, so I thought I'd share them. First of all, I never mentioned the trip from the airport to the hostel. So, I arrived on Sunday with a large suitcase (weighing just under 70 pounds), a large duffel bag weighing in at 50, a backpack, and a small rolly-suitcase. I was met by a great student named Tereza who said, "whoa, you have a lot of stuff!" In perfect English of course. ;) I said, well yes, I'm moving here for a year! She said, "Well, we're taking public transport, so let's go." We went out and waited for the bus and then lugged all the gear up the three steps on the bus. She then taught me how to validate my ticket for myself as well as my baggage. I like that the bags need a ticket too. About 10 minutes later, we get to the metro station. So, we lug the stuff down the bus stairs and then down about 2 flights of stairs into the station. Then, we get on the longest escalator I have seen. Seriously, it had to be three flights long! As I get on with the duffel bag on top of the large suitcase, I almost fall down the stairs because of all the weight. Thankfully Tereza was there to catch me! Then we hop on the metro and cruise to the next stop. Back up crazy long escalator and then up some stairs. At this point, I say maybe we should get a taxi? She said we were almost there, so not to worry. "We can do this," she says. I think - of course "we" can...I'm carrying all the heavy stuff! Some nice stranger helped me up the stairs and then we hopped on yet another bus and about 5 minutes later we arrived at the hostel...phew!

Grocery shopping is more like a scavenger hunt it seems. I have gone a couple of times now - its so convenient, and basically what people do here, so I mind as well get in the habit. :) Today I bought something that looked like ham - not sure if it is. I guess I'll find out when I try to eat it. I need to get more bread first, because mine spoiled. Not used to fresh bread I guess. I just bought this half-loaf on Tuesday and it started molding today (Thursday). I'll have to buy less bread more often! I also bought whole wheat pasta and sauce the other day. Well, I found the pasta one day and the sauce the next. The sauce had cut up carrots and other veggies I'm not used to in marinara, but it was good - a little sweet too. It was nice with a little cheese and pasta. Never a dull moment here!


  1. I like that you "hop"ped on the metro with your 120lbs of baggage!

  2. grocery shopping is always the biggest adventure :) since youve moved around, is the address youve sent out the current one? i want to send you something!


  3. Bri - That's sweet! Please hold off on mailing anything for a bit. Once I move, I'll send out a final address. :)