Friday, September 3, 2010

Ready or Not...

So, I got a pedicure yesterday and the color I was drawn to happened to be called "Ready or Not." Seemed way too fitting not to go with now my toes are a lovely deep red, and ready or not - the time has come to move to Prague!

I am officially packed (minus a few last things to go into the bag in the morning). I'm taking roughly 150 pounds of my US life with me to Prague. I've never thought about stuff that way!

I've been talking about moving overseas for about two years now, and now it feels surreal to be doing this. I'm sure it'll take quite a bit of time for it to sink in. I am honestly nervous. I know in the end it will all work out and clearly there is no turn back now - if nothing else, I refuse to unpack those bags for a while! LOL. But, it is interesting to pack up your life and move many miles away from what you are used to. I'm fortunate to have family in Germany not too far away. I'm greatly looking forward to building stronger relationships with my family there as well as building friendships with many new people. That all being said, I will miss my family and friends here! I have been so darn lucky to have spent the last few months with the people I care about. Its those great experiences I draw upon in the emotional moments that have appeared over these past few weeks getting ready. I am truly excited, however I am also truly scared.

I can't tell you how many people - mostly random strangers I have met - who have made comments to me like "so, you're moving to a foreign country by yourself?" I just smile and say yes, I am. What I really want to say is - hell yes I am! And I'm a bit freaked out about it, so stop pointing out the fact that I'm going to be completely ALONE! Well, I know I'll never be alone, because of all my great friends and family out there. So, I guess next time someone says that to me - I'll say I'm not alone. I'm taking you all with me. :) No wonder my bags are so heavy!

I'm ready to start this adventure. I'm sure there will be posts here that will span the entire range of emotions. I'm not sure you can every truly feel "ready" for this type of thing, but I'm ready to try and give it a go! Look out I come! Ready or not!

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  1. Q...I did the same thing three years ago and have no plans of returning permanantly to the US now. Follow your heart and dreams, the road they will take you down will be rough at times but the once-in-a-lifetime experiences you will have on nearly a daily basis make the entire journey worth it. Take care and safe travels, Rebecca Feldman