Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pictures - Apartment

The front door of the building and my keys. The old key is for the front door of the apartment. When I paid my deposit, we had to go get another key made. I was thinking in my head - where the heck are we going to go to do that! Then I remembered that we're in Prague and just down the street was a key shop and here we go!

Here are few pictures of the inside of this very historic flat. It's not fancy, but it's pretty much exactly what I expected. :) I have one of the 4 rooms in the L-shaped apartment. You walk in the front door and the toilet room is immediately to the left.

Then down the long hallway is the kitchen prep area with refrigerator (on right the door at the end of the hall is the front door of apartment).

At the corner (picture to right with red chairs), is a small sitting area. You turn right down the small hallway, and my room is to the right (picture with suitcases). I have a daybed type bed a nice desk and large storage closet/wardrobe. I also have a lovely few of the courtyard (left)! My flatmates are cool. One is even an English teacher for another company. The owner, Olga, is from Russia but has lived in Prague now 10 years. The other two roommates are moving out at the end of the month. One guy is here and we've exchanged "hellos." The other woman is not here right now.

Past my room is the kitchen sink/cooking area and the shower room and the other bedrooms (picture above right). It's pretty cozy and in the heart of Prague...I couldn't be happier!

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