Monday, August 6, 2012

My new home and Peruvian Independence Day

I found a cute studio apartment near the center of Cusco that I've now been living in for about 2 weeks.  Its small and simple, and perfect for me as I have my own kitchen and bathroom.  Now that I have a space heater, I'm much warmer at night (though having 3 alpaca blankets helps too).  Having a small space is way easier to heat - especially when cooking helps warm up the place!  Since taking the pictures, I have put up some pictures drawn by my niece and nephew, photos of family and friends, and pictures from my European travels, which brings a bit of Europe and home to my home here in Cusco.

My space

With a lovely window that gets morning sun - glorious way to wake up!

The view out my window

The other way out the window and a view of our patio that has lovely sun till 3 pm.


Shower - lucky to have a gas water heater, most people here have electric hot water, which has an electric device attached to the water spout - many have been shocked with that system!  And the water never really gets all that hot or strong either.

My courtyard when I walk into my apartment from the street

My street - Nueva Alta

Nearby street under construction - we just walk through each day and the workers work around us

Just a block from my house - and I get to see the "Viva el Peru" sign every day!  The rainbow flag is the official flag of Cusco.  The red and white flag is the Peruvian flag. 

Lots of hills and steep streets - notice on the left how the sidewalk  goes up to a few feet of the street.  You have to be careful walking as the depth from sidewalk to street changes rapidly!

My local market - just 2 blocks from my house and full of all kinds of fresh items

How you are welcomed to the market 

I haven't bought any meat here yet

The fruit here is amazing and so fresh!

Fresh bread

The market was closing and this boy was playing a bit of football (soccer)

My new cheese lady

Spices, beans, and grains

Spices and tea

Slightly overwhelming - but they have just about everything you could ever need or want!

And then there were potatoes - Peru is where the potato originated, and they say there are over 3,000 different kinds here.  I'd like to try them all, but not sure it'll happen...

Local street vendor
 I found a school parade celebrating Peruvian Independence Day last Friday afternoon, so I decided to take some pictures and follow them on their parade route.  It was fun to watch their enthusiasm and excitement.  I also enjoyed watching the other passersby who were genuinely happy to see the joyful children with their teachers.
I happened upon a parade of local school children and loved their enthusiasm and bright costumes.

The children with a random woman in traditional dress heading home from the market.

The parade ended in Plaza de Armas (main square of Cusco) where the children did small performances.

Love all the children's expressions in this one

Clowning around

This kid was really good!

This group sang "All you need is love" - the only song I understood.  ;)

Plaza de Armas and the large Cucsanian and Peruvian flags

Stray dogs chilling in the street and the traffic avoided them.

Another square near my house - I walk through here each day on my way to work

Just love doors and windows - and here they are together

Another street near my house

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