Thursday, August 23, 2012

A few of my favorite things...Salzburg, Austria

After an awesome couple weeks in the Balkans, we decided to head to Salzburg, Austria on our way to the UK for some Sound of Music love.  Of course, this involved an 18-hour train adventure, which was interesting and unique, but of course totally worth it!  Salzburg was beautiful, though incredibly hot!  I recommend going in the spring or fall if at all possible.  Last year I was there in April and there were far fewer tourists.  However, seeing Salzburg in the summer was also fantastic!  I was happy we were able to go as we'd been talking about going on the Sound of Music tour since we met the previous August - so it was certainly a trip long in the making!

Amy in our compartment preparing for our overnight train ride from Sarajevo to Zagreb, Croatia.  There were no sleeper beds and we luckily were able to retain our cabin for ourselves.  In between the screeching brakes and being asked for our tickets every few hours, we slept in lovely 20-minute stretches.  It really wasn't all that bad and could have been WAY worse had we not had a compartment to ourselves.

After a quick stop in Zagreb, we continued through Slovenia and into Austria - the views were stunning!

Starting to get into the Alps
Tunnel on the train

Out the back window of our train

The hills are alive with the sound of music!!!

Mirabell Garden - where most of the Do Re Me song was filmed

Beautiful Salzburg

Locks on one of the bridges - been fun finding these in many locations I've visited.  They are put there by couples to show their love for each other.

Amy is such a good sport!

Still not really sure what this sign means - but Amy's got it down!

The steps from the end of Do Re Me

Pegasus Statue - also in Do Re Me

Sound of Music - the next generation

The back of the Von Trapp house used in the movie

View from the house used in the movie

Salzburg Castle

The famous gazebo

The area where the children were playing in the trees in the movie

The front of the house (and a different location from the back) where Maria sings the end of the song Confidence

The front of the house

The beautiful Alps

Amy doing her best to join Maria and the children

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  1. Q,this was one of my favorite stops on our jaunt to Vienna a number of years ago. We took the kids and Courtney was NOT happy during most of the trip (she was about 14...need I say more?)but when we arrived at Salzburg, she ran into the castle (even though it was night and it was 'closed', and announced: "This is where I should live!" :)