Sunday, July 15, 2012

Na shledanou krásná Praha (Good bye beautiful Prague)

Well, it is truly bittersweet to be saying good bye to this beautiful city, but alas, the time has come.  I have absolutely loved living in Prague for nearly two years, and this city will always hold a special place in my heart.  I'm certain I'll return - whether to visit or live again, that is yet to be determined, but I love it here far too much not to at the very least visit again.

The last three weeks have been full of amazing adventures in Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, England, and Ireland, and I promise pictures and stories will come soon, however for now, I will include some interesting pictures from my last days of teaching and my last adventures around Prague.

Charles Bridge

Old Town Square

Letna Park

Stepan the king of Pexeso (aka Memory)

Vlastik loves Uno

Goofy second grade: Kuba, Vasek, and Sam

My favorite second grade class playing tornado

Awesome second grade class

Certificate time - second grade

Noughts and Crosses (aka tic tac toe) with my favorite second graders

Getting cards and presents from all the kids

I've taught these kiddos for 2 years, and it has been an absolute joy seeing them go from knowing no English to having mini conversations about likes, dislikes and things we have.

My favorite kindergarten class - they are so smart we got through 2 full books this year!

Bety, Vlastik and Stepan

Graduation from English class!

Wild and crazy kindergarten

Another fun kindergarten

More kindergarten

First graders - after school class

First graders at Buresova school

My absolute last class in Prague - we got locked out of the school we have class in, so we played in the grass outside.  What a lovely day for a game of Uno!

My goofy Radotin kids
So, why pose next to a bathroom?  This bathroom is in the river wall and every time I go paddle boating, I see it.  It's finally open again and honestly one of the cleanest and nicest public bathrooms I've ever been in!

Amy and Marissa enjoying a lovely day in Prague

National Theater

It was so fun watching these people as they are not related, but this couple helped this boy who really wanted to play with their dog.

Letna Park

Letna Beer Garden

Old Town Square - from Letna Park

Caught a wedding reception across from the beer garden.  They were so happy, I had to take a picture.

Hanging out at the beer garden is one of my favorite activities in Prague

I love doors and windows and this may be my favorite shot yet.  Even better that its right around the corner from my favorite brewery and restaurant in Prague.

Entrance to Strahov Monastery

It's not just special beer - its AMAZING beer!

Strahov Monastery

Beer cheese + Weizen beer = heaven

Apparently my name is "Marle" now

And after every good meal at Strahov, a walk down the hill is required.  The views are stunning...

Prague Castle

Amazing friends with an amazing view!

Strahov at night

St. Nicholas church

Entrance to Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

National Theater

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

Kampa Museum and the yellow things are penguins

Charles Bridge

The view that simply, never, ever gets old!

Mary Beth frames the shot...

So long, farewell,  Auf Wiedersehen, Na shledanou, good bye, Praha! 

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