Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vinohrady - my Prague neighborhood

As my last week of teaching in the Czech Republic draws to an end, I am finding myself feeling nostalgic about a lot of my favorite spots in Prague.  I'm grateful to live in a great neighborhood called Vinohrady, where I have found many of my favorite things in Prague.  This neighborhood is fantastic as it's close to the center (just 10 minutes by public transport or 20 by walking) but far enough away that we're not overrun with tourists.  I will absolutely miss living here!  The pictures truly speak to why I have loved living in Prague for the past 2 years!

On Monday, I start a 3-week trip to Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, England, and Ireland.  I'm sure I'll be taking tons of pictures, but may not be able to post much until I return.  I'll have 5 more days in Prague before moving to Peru!  An exciting month is ahead!

Home sweet Home - Moravska street

Looking the other way

My building

The park around the corner I walk through at least twice a day and often go to sit and read or soak up some sun

The park - and view of the lovely, creepy, baby tower

View of Namesti Miru church down Korunni street 

Park by the metro - I also pass through here at least twice a day

The church at  Jiřího z Poděbrad
Creepy baby tower (ok, actually called the Zizkov TV tower, but I like creepy baby tower better)

The babies are so weird, they required several pictures

U Sadu - one of my favorite restaurants

Cool tulips - my favorite flower

Not only an amazing name, but smoke free (rare in Prague) and you name your price!

Gorgeous buildings

Beautiful Riegrovy Sady park

Not bad to catch a glimpse of the castle while running or wandering

"the hill" - common hang out spot with amazing views and close proximity to the beer garden

View from the hill

I call this our neighborhood's backyard

This is actually a shopping center

Korunni - where I often go to catch a tram 

Tram stop

Namesti Miru church at sunset

My favorite fruit and vegetable shop by my house - these shops are literally everywhere in the city and have the best produce selection.  This is literally 2 blocks from my house.

Great pizza place 

The BEST coffee in Prague (and conveniently located by the fruit and vegetable shop)

Moravska street

Metro escalator - it's crazy steep!

Home sweet home

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