Saturday, October 22, 2011


What's that phrase, better late than never?  Well, that is so true about these pictures!  My sister, Heidi, visited in mid-June on my last day of teaching and just a couple days after she arrived, we went on a fantastic one week holiday in northern Italy.  We started our adventure in Venezia, Venice, and while I cannot pick a favourite place in Italy, Venezia certainly holds a special place in my heart.  We spent two days wandering through this incredible city. Getting lost, finding amazing food, wonderful people, and beauty everywhere.  I loved taking the water buses everywhere and did not once miss cars while we were there!

Canal and gondola

Grand Canal

Very cool window

Heidi preparing for our first Italian meal.  We had prociotto and melone at almost every meal!

I love markets and I especially love watching people at markets.

I hope to be this cool someday - seriously!

Heidi's birthday and our first gelato of the day around 10 am.  When its hot, why not?

Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal

Grand Canal

Tiny strawberries from the market.  They tasted like flowers.

This guy flicked me with water as he passed by.  Gondolier flirting technique?

San Marco Square

Birthday lunch and more prociotto and melone!

I LOVE Italian espresso!

Waiting for our water bus

Our water bus driver "works" hard on our trip to the island Murano, where the glass is blown.

Everything comes in and out on a boat here!  My inner city planner loved watching the delivery trucks, trash trucks, etc.


Italian fashion is fantastic

Don't step here or your leg will fall off and your arm will disappear.

Yep, that's our third gelato on Heidi's birthday!

Grand Canal

Outdoor restaurants everywhere.

A cool window

The canals just never got old to me

Restaurant where we had Heidi's birthday dinner and met a very friendly couple from the US!

I really enjoy the Italian lifestyle.  Good food, good wine, great scenery.  They really appreciate good things, and I appreciate that!

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  1. Corralled Unkie to watch.... "SPECTACULAR" was his comment after he saw this.
    My cousin and her family lived in Italy for about a year.... I remember her commenting that they weren't so thing oriented like Americans, but very socially oriented. A denser population allows for that I would guess