Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our visit to Troy was truly wonderful for me as my nerdy love for city planning was able to come to good use for a few hours.  As Mr. G had said the day before "There isn't much to see at Troy."  We all gave him a hard time after, as we spent almost 2 hours there when he only planned for us to be there for one.  We found it way more interesting than he did!

First, we visited the remade famous Trojan Horse.  As the legend states, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse that was able to fit 30 men and they left.  The men who were in the horse snuck out late at night and allowed the Greeks back in in order to enter the city of Troy and destroy it and thus end the Trojan War.  While, its not certain this ever happened - there is no physical evidence of it - they did reconstruct it and you can go in it!

After our little touristy moment, we walked through the city for a couple of hours which was just fascinating.  There are several layers to the city and some of the oldest parts of the city are over 5,000 years old!  While walking through you can imagine what life may have been like for the people of Troy. We even found some small pieces of pottery that may have been used to store food and water.  It was pretty nice just to walk through the ruins and imagine what it was like at all its different stages.  Troy is written about as a coastal city (Which you can see in this map).  As the earth has risen/the sea has receded, the sea is now 3 kilometers away.

Notice the different stones and building patterns of these walls built at different times.
The wall on the left is from the first Troy (5000 years ago)

You can see the Roman Numerals indicate which time frame these
parts of the city are from

A well

Early accessibility...very cool!


Some of the best food I had in Turkey!  And it was
from a gas station!  Not like the US!
These are lamb good!

Where the awesome food was from

And a camel at the gas station - of course!

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