Monday, April 18, 2011

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul

The Topkapi Palace was the sultan's palace from 1465 - 1853.  This massive complex was designed for state functions and to entertain nobility.  It is absolutely mind boggling how large the complex is.  In addition to the vastness of the palace, the level of detail in the design and decoration of the palace was amazing.  The beautiful tile work was exquisite and truly breathtaking.
Guard Station

Palace walls

Inside the church that is now a museum

Mosaic inside the church

Palace entrance

Palace grounds


Where the women lived

One of my favorite spaces to visit was where some artifacts from the prophets of Islam are located.  No pictures were allowed in this space but we saw their swords and even someone's saucepan that was over 2000 years old.  Incredible!  It is still mind boggling for me to see things that are this old, as my concept of old is just a few hundred years old from growing up in the US.  Even having the privilege of traveling to Europe so often as a kid, old is several hundred years old to me - several thousand years old is just incomprehensible.

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