Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Elmer Fudd returns!

So, it was a blustery day here in Prague.  While, it's nothing compared to the -26 F temps my friends in Wyoming are experiencing, it's cold for Prague!   The high today was about 18 F, but with the wind it felt much, much colder.  With these cold temps, the Elmer Fudd hats and other interesting head dressings returned to the streets of Prague.  I took all these today on my various means of transportation.  I was so happy to get such great pictures!  I'm getting sneaky with my camera phone....

I was reading and when I looked up, this person had appeared in front of me...heavenly!

Elmer Fudd on the tram

Another Elmer Fudd awaits the bus

My absolute favourite picture! Two old ladies riding the metro.
I love sunglasses the lady on the right is wearing.
This will be me someday...who's in?

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