Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Whoa..I hadn't realized it's been two weeks since I wrote! Its been a busy couple of weeks of travel. A week ago, I went to Liberec and the mountains near Liberec again to help celebrate a colleauge's birthday. We went up on Saturday and hiked all day (with hot wine in our packs). It was a gorgeous day and adventure meeting new friends! We traveled back to Prague on Sunday afternoon. Then the following Wednesday, all the teachers in our company went to Kutna Hora, Czech Republic for a training.

There was a holiday on Thursday, so most schools were closed part of the week last week for a fall break in conjunction with the holiday. It was a nice break for us teachers too! Meeting all the other teachers was awesome. We even had time to go explore and see this amazing medieval town. I'll post pictures soon - I promise!

Thursday we traveled back to Prague and then Friday morning, bright and early (though not bright at all), we got on the bus to Budapest! We stopped in Brno (2nd largest city in CR) and then on to Bratislava, Slovakia. Both cities were intriguing, and I want to go back! After about 7 hours on the bus, we arrived in lovely Budapest.

We made our way to the hostel and started exploring the city. I'll write more about the adventures when I post pictures - again, it will be soon. I took over 900 pictures in the last week from these three great trips! I need to sort through them so its a little more manageable to post. ;)

Some highlights of Budapest....
  • Having some random Hungarian guy (who lives in Miami) buy us Langos (fried dough with sour cream and cheese on top) at this hole in the wall shop. He refused to let us pay and said it was his way of welcoming us to his country! So, he was a little drunk, but he was very nice to us!
  • Going up in St. Stephen's church tower at sunset to see the amazing city and skyline.
  • Chicken Paprika
  • Hungarian Wine tasting in the former king's wine cellars (some parts dated back to the 13th century)
  • Meeting a nice man named Vladimir at the wine tasting who taught us more about Hungarian wines
  • Tasting Slovenian wines at a wine tasting (it was a special event) and meeting some great Slovenian wine makers (another trip idea)
  • Soaking in the famous Gellert Baths
It was a wonderful and exhausting back to the grind! I can't believe it's the first week in November already.

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