Monday, October 18, 2010

Slipping into normal

Hello again friends! I'm not sure why, but I sometimes view this blog as an e-mail or note to a friend. Just catching up on what's going on. Sometimes it feels mundane, but mostly it feels exciting. I've been here now just about 6 weeks! Crazy how time flies!

This past weekend I went to the Jizera mountains (north of Prague) near the town of Liberec to hike and pick up trash in the mountains. It was a gorgeous/rainy/foggy day with good friends, great food (wonderful meal at a lodge in the mountains) and several hot wine stops. :) Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

Other than that adventure, I haven't been up to too many new adventures. I got a haircut last week, which was actually very easy. I found an American hair stylist who gives hair cuts out of her house. It's a great cut and I didn't have to stress about mis-communicating my hair wishes!

I have also been taking time in between my classes to explore the areas of my schools. I visit places of Prague few tourists ever venture into, so it's a neat opportunity to see real life. Not that I don't see this each day in my own neighborhood, but its still cool to see other parts of the city. I absolutely love watching people and seeing how they interact (or don't).

Recently there were elections for the Prague mayor and district representatives. It was a huge deal and there have been campaigning efforts since I got to town (and I'm sure before). There have been people all over the city campaigning for the candidates. I think they learned their campaigning tactics from a college campus as you had to literally dodge them to stay safe!

I'm getting into the swing of things and my classes are starting to feel like "my classes." They are fun and challenging and rewarding to say the least! It's a true joy to see some of my younger kids knowing their colors and to know they didn't know them at all just a few weeks ago! The smiles on their faces when they get it or their endless desire for a high-five is pretty amazing.

Some days actually feel mundane. I don't mean that in a bad way, but in a way where things are finally feeling normal. I walk down the street and still think -damn, I live in this amazing place! But I also know I am here and not rushing off to some other fabulous location like I would on a typical trip. I don't feel this pressure or rush to see everything immediately. I have loved getting a lay of the land and I look forward to going into more things now and truly learning more about this city and this country. I'm learning the best places to buy certain things and my favorite spots to get fruit or groceries. There are lots of specialty shops here so grocery shopping is not just a one stop shopping experience. It's pretty cool to go to the fruit/vegetable store or the bakery every few days to get more fresh items. I haven't dared the cheese or meat store, but I will soon!

I'm going to exchange English lessons for Czech lessons with someone starting next week. I'm not sure I'll ever be fluent in this language, but I would like to read menus/signs and speak to order or buy cheese/meat that isn't pre-packaged!

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  1. Hey, Good News from Suz
    The political mess in this country has me sooooooo depressed, I needed it.

    The mundane interests we foreigners!
    What you do... where you shop... hair cut solution... what you see etc.
    The mundane educates us.
    Your weekend sounded great.
    Slipping into Normal, a great title
    Good luck on the English/Czech trade... hope it goes well.