Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley): One unknowing last look at Peru

So, just two weeks ago today, I went on a day trip around the Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley) near Cusco to see some more Incan ruins and beautiful countryside of Peru.  I had planned this trip as a way to see some more things close to Cusco prior to moving (at that time a full week away).  Little did I know, the next day I would find out I had to move to Costa Rica the following day.  In a whirlwind of goodbyes and "tying up loose ends", I was able to pack up my apartment (very thankful I only have 2 suitcases worth of things) and even spend some time with close friends before leaving.  The quick move was precipitated by a sick staff member in Costa Rica, and thus having no on to teach our TEFL course here.  So, here's one last look at Peru before the pictures of Pura Vida (pure life - mantra of Costa Rica) are displayed!  Many thanks to all the wonderful people I met while living and working in Peru - you all made my experience there wonderful!

A view of the Valle Sagrado from near Pisac (first town we stopped in)

Valle Sagrado

Valle Sagrado

Valle Sagrado

Terraces near Pisac

A woman selling barley (commonly used as a tea in Peru)

Peru is known for potatoes - allegedly over 3000 kinds!  Here are just a few...

We went to a silver workers workshop - very interesting

Beautiful stones and shells used in the jewelery pieces

Beautiful flowers in the courtyard of the jeweler y shop

The streets of Pisac




 Pisac - more weavers in front of the market

Beautiful woven items in the market

An Incan look out tower in the hills

Incan Ruins in Ollantaytambo

The entrance - you can see this a bit later too, but look how the door way is made - the Incans were prepared for earthquakes and thus designed windows and doors like this (with slanted walls)

Quite similar to Machu Picchu in many ways - but much smaller  - though very beautiful as well.

Another Incan settlement in the hills near these ruins

Our very passionate guide

View of Ollantaytambo

BIG steps (this guy had to be 6'5" at least)


This is for you Amy...

I just really dig the terraces and the steps


Another example of a window/storage space - slanted walls to be more sturdy in an earthquake

Looking out at the fields nearby - reminded me of Iowa with all the corn (but was then thrown by all the cacti nearby too)

From the top of the ruins

Top of a mountain trying to peak out of the clouds

Amazingly straight cuts on these rocks with only hand tools to do this cutting!

More fields - for you Dad!

Now back in Chinchero (end of our tour) - the bulls are placed on the roof of people's homes to bring good luck

Cows chilling out at the Incan ruins in Chinchero

Chinchero - Incan ruins and terraces

Beautiful mountains in the distance

Nearby church

If you look close to center of pic, there is a woman farmer making her way back home after a day out with her sheep (which she left out for the night)

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