Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prague through new eyes

Last weekend, my aunt and uncle from Germany came to visit with a tour group.  I met up with them and over 100 of their German tour group mates on Friday night for dinner.  I was instantly overwhelmed by the niceness of these German people.  In general, Czech people are not friendly to those they do not know.  So, getting onto a bus with 40 Germans was total culture shock!  Everyone was smiling and chatting.  It was great!

We ended up having a great Bohemian meal with pork, dumplings, cabbage, soup, and apple strudel and of course beer!  It was a very fun night!

On Saturday, I met up with them after a tour of the Prague Castle.  We walked through all my favorite parts of the city and it was truly a joy to see the city through new eyes.  While I'm still in absolute awe of the beauty of this city, its different when you're showing people around who haven't been here before.  It made me fall in love with the city all over again.  We ended our multiple hour walking tour of the city with coffee and cake at the famous Cafe Louvre (where Einstein and Kafka used to hang out).  It was a perfect Prague day!

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