Thursday, December 2, 2010

What do you want to know?

Thank you all for reading. I'm not always sure what to write, so if there's anything you want to know about, please write a note in comments and I'll write about it. ;)

For now I'll share a funny story - I went back to the doctor on Monday, because I am still sick. :( I saw him for about 5 minutes and got a prescription to clear up the upper respiratory infection I have going on. He also gave me "sick papers" which stated I should stay home from work for 10 days. As I walked out, I realized I had another question for him, so I went back into his office. Where he had just lit up a cigarette - seriously, this guy needs a doctor more than me! Anyway, he explained that he thinks I should be home for 10 days but if I want to go to work sooner, I can go back to him to get cleared for work again. So, I've been home the last two days and will go back to the doctor in the morning to try to get cleared for work. Why you might ask? Well, sick leave works a bit differently here than in the US. The first 3 days you are sick are unpaid. After that, you only get 60% of your salary. So, its a big pay cut to be sick. Not that this is the only reason to stay home, but it is significant. I am feeling better and hope to be back up to full speed soon.

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