Monday, August 31, 2009

Iowa is close to New Hampshire, right?

So all continues to go well here. I basically have to pinch myself each day to remind myself that I'm really here! The weather has been gorgeous and I've been lucky to get out and explore a little in between working.

Today has been a day of randomness. First, I drove to Jackson (About 35 miles south of the lodge) to get some groceries and check out the town. On the beautiful drive, I saw several road signs which said "avoid cracked windshields." I thought to myself - don't most drivers strive to avoid cracked windshields always? Also, wouldn't it be helpful to post some strategies on how one might avoid cracked windshields in addition to this general warning? Call me crazy, but it seemed highly random to me! So, I will drive as cautiously as possible now to avoid cracked windshields...

Then at work I was talking to one of our servers who is a lady from California about 35-45 years old. She asked me where I was from, so I replied Iowa. I'm not really sure what to say anymore to that question, so Iowa is what I'm going with. Anyways, she then asked me if that's where Ben and Jerry's is from. I said no, that was from New Hampshire. She then replies, well isn't that close to Iowa? If it wouldn't have caused a scene, I would have fallen to the floor laughing, but alas I did not. I kindly replied that Iowa was in the midwest and not very close to New Hampshire at all. She kind of smiled and quickly moved away from the area we were talking in.

Thus endeth the randomness that is Monday!

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